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E-commerce platform, distribution channel

Researching, developing and producing a product is difficult, but building and effectively operating a distribution channel for products to customers is crucial to the success of the product. Oxii has a B2B2C distribution channel management platform from factories, warehouses, to a chain of distributors, agents, a nationwide network of technicians and collaborators ready to serve you.


Smart IoT devices and solutions

Paradox: the smarter the devices and systems, the more complicated and confusing for users. Oxii builds its smart products on the philosophy: Make popular devices smart, make smart devices simple and easy for everyone.


Customer data management platform
Customer is central. When the number of customers of the business increases rapidly, access to the company's products through many online or offline channels. Our iCDP product aggregates customer information from multiple sources to build a 360-degree customer portrait, then builds customer segments to make tailored product recommendations for each segment.

Smart solution packages Oxii

What do customers say about us?

Oxiitek's smart device products understand the needs of users. The house is automatically operated by the system based on the owner's habits. I don't even need to use the app. Smart device concept from application-based on-off systems to habitual on-off systems. I didn't expect smart devices to become so easy and convenient and affordable.

Mr. Nam

Head of Marketing
I use Oxiitek to call repair and installation services, operate smart devices at home. Whether it's the need to replace the filter element of the water purifier, or install the air conditioner, water heater, smart switch construction or smart lock change... no matter where you are, you can easily access the this service. The system also suggests calling for service for me when a smart device has a problem or needs replacement or maintenance. If I knew about this service earlier, I would have equipped my home and office with smart devices a long time ago.

Ms. Hương

Equipment distributor
Oxiitek has a very novel and effective approach when developing smart product systems. They not only think about researching and making smart devices and solutions, but also providing distribution, installation and customer care systems for the sales channel. The rest for manufacturers and dealers is just running sales programs on Smarthiz's systems. Everything is so easy!

Ms. Linh

Distributor of smart devices
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